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The iMow® robotic mowers independently ensure a perfectly cut lawn. And they do so extremely rapidly. Equipped with a powerful battery, the RMI 422 P can handle lawns up to 1000 m² (0.25 acre) and gradients up to 40 percent. iMow® is available in limited regions of Canada and sold and serviced at specially trained and authorized Dealers. Use the STIHL Dealer Locator to find your nearest iMow® Dealer. Featured price does not include installation.

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Stihl STIHL-FSA57S FSA 57 Cordless Trimmer - Set - Atlas-Machinery

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Technical data

Technical data Value
Maximum Lawn Area m2 / sq ft 1,700 / 18,000
Average Run Time (per charge) (mins) 60
Power (w) 60
Weight (Including Battery) (lbs) 22
Maximum Grade (Slope) (%) 40
Average Charging Time (mins) 90
Maximum Cutting Height (cm) 6
Average Mowing Duration (per week) (Hours) 28
Battery Capacity (wh) 80
Battery Amp Hours (Ah) 4.5


Offset drive home feature

By default, the robotic mower travels back home to the docking station along the perimeter wire. If required, and depending on the edge of the mowing area, you can also set the mower to travel at an offset of 0.3 to 0.7 m to the perimeter wire. Please take into account any necessary additional installation materials when laying corridors (e.g.: wiring set AED 600)

Bright LCD display

Not only can all the necessary settings be entered intuitively via the screen, thanks to its high-contrast, bright display, it can also be used in strong sunlight. On the MI 6 models, the display can also be removed as a console to facilitate programming without having to bend down.

Movable hood

The hood of the iMow robotic mower is movable and features sensors for detecting obstacles. If the machine bumps against an obstacle, the impact forces are deflected along the hood and the robotic mower immediately changes direction. If the hood is lifted, the blades stop.

Mulching mower

When mowing, the lawn is cut finely and puts nutrients back into the soil. The robust mulching blade will stay extremely sharp for a long time. Every time blade stops the rotation direction changes automatically, thus ensuring uniform wear . If the blade needs to be replaced, this can be done without tools.

Docking station

If it rains or the batteries run empty, the robotic mower goes to the docking station and recharges its batteries independently. With its intelligent charging system, the robot mower decides independently whether an express charge is needed, due to an upcoming mow, or whether the battery should be charged in normal mode – and thus more gently. The docking station can be flexibly placed, either within or outside the lawn area. Please observe the additional specifications for laying the perimeter wire.

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