Stihl MS271


Gas Chainsaw for Farming and Landscaping, 20″
The MS 271 Gas Chainsaw is a mid-range unit that is part of STIHL’s new generation of fuel-efficient, low emission power saws. Designed with a stratified scavenging engine and modern construction technology, it features enhanced ergonomics and advanced anti-vibration system.

Beaver Brook Saw Shop | United States | STIHL

The STIHL MS271 Gas Chainsaw is equipped with a 2.6 kW (3.5 hp) STIHL 2-MIX engine. In combination with the .325″ RS3 Pro saw chain, this offers you very good cutting performance. The power tool’s effectiveness is also supported by the STIHL Light 04 guide bar, as its lightweight design maximises weight savings. The single-lever operation also makes your work easier, as all essential functions can be accessed with the right hand so this can always remain on the handle. In order to be able to work for as long as possible without interruption, we have equipped the Stihl MS271 Gas Chainsaw with a pre-separation routing system. This prevents larger dirt particles from even reaching the filter in the first place, meaning that you need to clean it less frequently. If you also retrofit this chainsaw with an HD2 air filter, you can enjoy the advantages of a long-life air filter system as well. The STIHL Ematic system ensures optimal lubrication by delivering chain oil where it is needed in a targeted and economical manner.

Standard Features

  • STIHL anti-vibration system
  • Single-lever master control
  • Tool free fuel caps
  • Side-mounted chain tensioning
  • Pre-separation air filtration system
  • Advanced combustion technology
  • Reduced-emission engine technology
Weight 5.6 kg
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